News update


There are a few items would would like to bring to the attention of ICA members. 

1. Medal nominations (Kirkman, Hall, Euler and Stanton) are due December 31. Please send nominations of deserving candidates to Charlie Colbourn. For details about  the nomination process, please see the following web page:

2. Medal presentations are continuing. Three additional presentations of framed certificates and engraved medals will take place at the 5th International Combinatorics Conference (5ICC) which is being held at Monash University (Melbourne) in December. This brings to 20 the number of presentations that have taken place in the last 15 months, almost completely catching up after years of inactivity. 

3. Volume 81 of the Bulletin is ready to be mailed next week. There have been some one-time delays as a transition was being made to a new printer. The new printer will help us control costs moving forward (keeping membership dues as low as poss…

Honorary Fellow S S Shrikhande

S S Shrikhande was named an Honorary Fellow of the ICA in 1990.

Shrikhande, “Euler’s Spoiler”, Turns 100 by nithyanand rao

courtesy The Shrikhande Family
Relatives, well-wishers and dignitaries kept arriving to greet Professor Shrikhande. Seated on the lawns, he would adjust his hearing aid—trying to hear over the firecrackers in the background—thank them and smile, and now and then burst into a hearty chuckle, trying not to look in the direction of the intense light drenching the table. Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande, celebrating his one hundredth birthday on 19 October 2017, wasn’t too keen to remain in the spotlight. The bright light on the pole was turned away, but visitors kept coming to greet him and seek his blessings, some aware of his great mathematical achievements—in particular, the one that ensured his name would be associated with Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians in history. It was fifty eight years ago that Shrikhande, along with his mentor R.C. Bose and their c…