Thursday, April 27, 2017

29th Cumberland Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing

     After a one-year recess the Cumberland Conference is back for 2017. 
  The 29th Cumberland Conference will take place at Vanderbilt 
University in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 
21st, 2017.  Please see our website:

* Featured speakers:
     Daniel Král, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
     Daniel Cranston, Virginia Commonwealth University
     Dana Randall, Georgia Institute of Technology
     Laura Sanità, University of Waterloo, Canada

* Contributed 20-minute talks on all areas of combinatorics and graph 
theory and associated areas of computer science are welcome.  In 
particular, the conference will have a special focus on graph colorings, 
and we encourage talks on that topic, which will be scheduled in a 
dedicated session.

* Deadlines: Support is being provided by the US National Science 
Foundation, and requests for travel support will be given priority if 
submitted by April 5, 2017.  Abstracts should be submitted by April 26, 
2017.  There is no registration fee but participants need to register, 
either online or at the conference.  We encourage you to register 
online, by May 10, 2017.

* Organizing committee: Mark Ellingham (Vanderbilt University), Michael 
Schroeder (Marshall University) and Songling Shan (Vanderbilt 
University).  If you have questions please contact the organizers at

Thursday, April 20, 2017

CanaDAM 2017

The 6th biennial Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference (CanaDAM) will be held on June 12-15, 2017 on the Toronto campus of Ryerson University. Previous CanaDAM Conferences were held at Banff in 2007, Montréal in 2009, Victoria in 2011 St. Johns in 2013 and Saskatchewan in 2015
The general theme of the conference is the theory and application of discrete structures. Its goal is to highlight the most salient trends in the field, which has close links to such diverse areas as cryptography, computer science, large-scale networks and biology. The conference will bring together researchers from the various disciplines with which discrete and algorithmic mathematics interact.
Particular areas of interest are the following: graphs and digraphs, hypergraphs, matroids, ordered sets, designs, coding theory, enumeration, combinatorics of words, discrete optimization, discrete and computational geometry, lattice point enumeration, combinatorial algorithms, computational complexity, and applications of discrete and algorithmic mathematics, including (but not limited to) web graphs, computational biology, telecommunication networks, and information processing.
Invited Speakers:
Tanya Berger-Wolf (U. Illinois at Chicago)
Peter Keevash (Oxford)
Robert Kleinberg (Cornell)
Bojan Mohar (Simon Fraser)
Shubhangi Saraf (Rutgers)
Andrew Suk (U Illinois at Chicago)
Lauren Williams (Berkeley)
Julia Wolf (Bristol) 
Public Interest Lecture:
Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin)

Invited Minisymposia:
Algebraic Combinatorics 
Org: Mike Zabrocki (York, Canada)
Algorithmic Game Theory 
Org: Brendan Lucier (Microsoft Research)
Arithmetic Combinatorics 
Org: Pablo Candela (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Biological Networks 
Org: Elena Dimitrova (Clemson)
Convex Geometry 
Org: Sinai Robins (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
Extremal Combinatorics 
Org: Sergey Norine (McGill)
Locality in Coding Theory 
Org: Parikshit Gopalan (VMWare)
Chair: Peter Nelson (Waterloo)
Structural Graph Theory 
Org: Luke Postle (Waterloo)
The Cap Set Problem 
Org: Dion Gijswijt (TU Delft)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Euler Medal winner Curt Lindner

Forty-five years ago, Curt Lindner surprised the combinatorial community by finding a small embedding for partial Steiner triple systems, turning a complex mystery into a simple truth.  Ever since, in over 200 refereed journal papers and through numerous invited and keynote lectures, he has made apparently complex problems much more approachable.  His research began with embedding problems, but now encompasses a broad sweep across combinatorial design theory, especially cycle systems and graph designs.  

Curt has mentored more than 20 PhD students, and collaborated extensively with international colleagues.  As his nominators say, “Curt is a catalyst” with his “captivating way of encouraging others to join him in mathematical exploration.” 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fifth Irsee Conference


Finite Geometries

Fifth Irsee Conference

10-16 September 2017

Organisers: Ilaria Cardinali, Michel Lavrauw, Klaus Metsch, Alexander Pott

This conference extends the series of previous meetings which took place at the Isle of Thorns (2000), in Oberwolfach (2001), and in Irsee (2003, 2006, 2011 and 2014). As before, the conference topics are: 
Combinatorial structures in Galois geometries; Finite Incidence Geometry; Algebraic curves and hypersurfaces over finite fields; Geometric and algebraic coding theory; Finite groups and geometries; Algebraic design theory.
Main speakers include:
Participation in this conference is by invitation only. All participants may submit an abstract for a contributed talk on some aspect of their research related to the main topics of the conference.

Please send all correspondence, other than the abstract, to the following conference email address: 
Looking forward to see you at Irsee,
Ilaria, Michel, Klaus, Alexander